Why Robotics ?

  Why Robotics Education?

Someone rightly said “Tell me, I will forget. Show me, I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.” Taking this thought forward, we all know how engaging and motivating an activity Robotics for children is. It does not only helps them to discover the underlying principles of Science, but also to understand them in depth when they see a self-built model working in real time. Robotics education provides the students with altogether a different learning experience, which is quite experiential, effective and future technology oriented as compared to the traditional classroom teaching methodologies. Learning STEM techniques is an area of interest for students across the globe in 21st century, and Robotics is a very innovative way to help the students learn these techniques.


Robotics is an excellent way to introduce the students to integrated STEM areas (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). The rationale behind the same is to make the students familiar with the basic concepts of science and mathematics, and help them develop an optimistic and confident approach towards the integrated STEM areas. This amalgamation of fun and learning would help the students to excel in academics, and garner vital practical experience at the same time.

  Why Robotics With Us?


We enhance your child’s creativity through our out of the box teaching methodologies.

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We make your child smarter by following the motto of learning by doing.


We pay personal attention to the development of each student to ensure a brighter and better future.

  Our Extra Services

Robo Kidz Lab offers tutorial classes at home for the students who wish to learn Robotics at home, and it is accompanied with a specialized tutor and well equipped kit.
We also deliver order based ready-made science projects, customized as per the needs of the students, at their doorstep. If the students wish to try their own hand at building a robot at home and need material for the same, we also deliver a complete customized kit to help the students build their own robot.

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